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The top ten reasons why hotels suck:, a division of the Find Your Escape Network, has issued its "Top 10 Reasons Why Hotels Suck" for 2007. For all the inherent hassles of booking and staying in a standard hotel room, CoastRentals proves that vacation rentals offer the perfect alternative - space, comfort and individuality.

We've all endured the pains of staying at hotels. No matter where you're visiting, your experience at the hotel has a profound effect on how the trip turns out. Here's's 2007 version of the top 10 reasons that hotels stink and cause headaches for innocent travelers who are just looking to enjoy themselves.

10. "Waiter, This Isn't the Room I Ordered."

We've all been through this one. Everyone's excited for the vacation to finally start, and naturally the first thing to do is head up to the hotel room to drop off the luggage. Upon opening the door of your hotel room, however, you discover that there has been a horrible, terrible mistake. This isn't the room you reserved. Maybe you wanted two single beds instead of one queen, or vice versa. Maybe you explicitly asked for a view of the ocean, and instead got a view of the murky pool.

9. Waking Up to the Sound of "Housekeeping!"

You stayed up late last night. And why not? You're on vacation! You deserve it. Now, all you want is to sleep in and maybe wake up sometime before the sun sets. But unsurprisingly, the hotel's housekeeper bangs on the door sometime in the early, early morning. Having to deal with housekeeping services in a hotel may seem like a trivial problem, but it's related to privacy in general.

8. Hassles at the Reception Desk.

In order to get into your hotel room, waiting in line at the reception desk is a must. During peak holiday seasons, these lines can sometimes be long and arduous. Furthermore, when checking in, some hotels require several forms of identification. In some instances, the concierge working the desk may even take reservations over the phone before speaking with customers in line. All in all, it can be a real mess.

7. Want to Use the Internet? That'll Cost You.

In this day in age, the internet plays a key role in our daily lives. Even when on vacation, some might need to keep checking their email, want to read the news, or keep track of other important information found on the internet. Fact is, getting internet access in a hotel is sketchy at best, and often expensive. It is not uncommon for large, nationwide hotel chains (and even smaller, upscale hotels) to charge between $10 and $20 for internet access per day. This exorbitant price can really add up over a week or more of vacation.

6. Pay-Per-View Can Make You Blue.

Sometimes the best way to relax after spending a day out on the town is with a movie. Hotels realize this, and offer guests the option of watching movies by purchasing them via a pay-per-view system. The problem is, these movies can often be $10+ per viewing! This is often more than you'd pay if you were to see the movie in a theater! Let's not even go over the possibility of your children finding the "Adult" section of the pay-per-view movies in a hotel room…

5. Problematic Parking.

Hotels are built to cater to hundreds of people at a time. As such, guests are usually required to park in a large lot. This can be stressful for a number of reasons. Hotel guests are often forced to park in a section of the parking lot where their car will not be visible from their hotel room. This can be disconcerting as criminals know that hotel guests often keep valuable luggage in their cars, making hotel parking lots prime locations for breaking into vehicles. To make matters worse, some upscale hotels in urban centers may even charge the hotel guests extra for parking!

4. Additional Charges for Everything.

The mini-bar is a testament to the power of capitalism. Here, right in your hotel room, is a tiny refrigerator full of snacks, drinks, alcohol, and sometimes even aspirin or socks. However, while each of these products might be reasonably priced in your neighborhood grocery store, they are outrageously expensive in the mini-bar. Why do hotels charge so much for a tiny bottle of liquor or a few cookies? The convenience of having these items right in your hotel room. Just another example of how hotels will charge extra for absolutely anything. Need to do some laundry? You'll probably have to pay a fee.

3. Noisy Neighbors.

This is an easy one. When staying in a hotel, the walls of your room are usually shared by another room. In some hotel setups, as many as three of your walls may be shared. Depending on the quality of the construction, these walls can range from quite thick to paper-thin. In cases of the latter, this means you'll be hearing everything your fellow guests are doing. This may include partying, yelling, arguing, drinking, snoring, using filthy language, or other illicit activities - many inappropriate for younger members of the family. Furthermore, this is just another facet of the lack of privacy in most hotels. Keep this in mind: with all those people so close, they'll be hearing everything you're doing too. An unsettling thought, but unfortunately one that most hotel guests will have to deal with at some point.

2. Size Matters.

Let's face it, hotel rooms are small. This may seem shocking at first, but it's true. In fact, just one bedroom in a vacation rental may be bigger than a standard hotel room. Imagine how much more comfortable you'd be on vacation if you had an entire house to call your own instead of a tiny, stuffy, ugly hotel room.

1. The Question of Cleanliness.

Several studies performed in the last decade have proven that hotel rooms are some of the least clean public places. These studies have gotten a lot of exposure in various media outlets, from the evening news to national magazines. And they're not wrong: from the bed to the doorknob to the remote control, hotel rooms can be havens for germs, bacteria and other disgusting things. The sheer amount of people that stay in large hotels should be proof enough that there will be a lot of mileage on those bedsheets, showers, and other items. Yes, most hotels employ cleaning services, but there is no telling how often they clean a room, or how well. Just because a bed is made properly doesn't mean it's sanitary.

Quite the list of unpleasantries. In fact, nearly all hotel stays will have you fighting through a majority of these inconveniences - so what's the alternative? Vacation rentals, which is just a broad term for all kinds of lodging types that are for rent in vacation spots (including homes, condos, townhomes, apartments, cabins, etc.), offer up great alternatives to all the downfalls of themodern hotel. Parking, ample space, privacy, no "add-on" charges, and cleanliness are all a step above when you're talking about vacation properties.

You also can easily find properties that cater to your particular tastes and needs for your vacation. You'll likely have a much more enjoyable experience and you'll save money to boot.

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Ten Reasons Why We Should Care About Poverty

Ten Reasons Why We Should Care About Poverty

1. Every four seconds, someone, somewhere, dies of hunger.

2. 24,000 people today will die of hunger; 18,000 of them will be children.

3. 500 million people worldwide are chronically malnourished.

4. One of two children live in poverty (1 billion children).

5. 11 million children die each year from preventable causes like malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia.

6. Every year 6 million children die from malnutrition before their 5th birthday.

7. One billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a newspaper or sign their name.

8. 1.2 billion people cannot pour themselves a glass of safe drinking water.

9. 1 in 6 people around the world live in extreme poverty (less than $1.00 a day).

10. Half the world -- nearly three billion people -- lives on less than $2.00 a day.

Sources: Global Issues - Poverty Facts and Stats; NetAid; United Against Hunger; United Nations Development Programme.

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Top Ten Reasons It's Great To Be A Gay Man:

1. All the sex you want, any time you want, any way you want, any venereal disease you want.

2. On Saturday nights, you can go to a bar and get raging drunk, dance naked on the pool table, and go home with a freak—but, no one gives you shit about it at Sunday brunch because they've probably done the same at least once.

3. When you comment on fashion or interior design, people actually pay attention.

4. If you're wearing something that makes you look bad, put on any weight, or get a bad haircut, dozens of people will let you know without your even having to ask.

5. Never having to worry about being targeted as a possible consumer of minivans.

6. Knowing that if you ever fall to the level where you have to appear in a porno flick to pay your rent, your friends will actually respect you more to your face but will brand you as whore.

7. It's easy to bum cigarettes from your friends. Or lithium. Or crystal.

8. You don't always have to hold your beer with more than two fingers.

9. You can debate the pros and cons of studded condoms from both sides.

10. Life is just a notch more fabulous. And shinier.

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10 Reasons To Bboycot 2008 Olympic Games in Communist China

Ten Reasons Why the Free World with The Leadership of America Must Boycott the 2008 Olympic Games in Communist China
By Demetrius Klitou

1. Human rights are practically non-existent in Communist China Religious persecution, imprisonment and murder of non-violent political dissidents, torture, organ harvesting and sentences to hard labour are widespread.

2. The lack of freedom of the press and safety risks for foreign reporters Many foreign websites are banned from being visited within China, foreign reporters are prohibited from interviewing anyone without previous permission from the government, and the content of all broadcasting is severely restricted. Foreign news media reporters have been arrested and sentenced to prison under vague and wide-reaching security laws.

3. The 1980 Olympic Games in Communist Russia were boycotted by 64 states, under the leadership of the U.S. Beijing is not any different from Moscow in 1980, which was also the capital of a Communist police state.

4. Communist China constantly threatens to attack Taiwan China's government passed a law that explicitly calls for military intervention in response to any intention by the democratic government of Taiwan to declare independence. Military manoeuvres indicate that the Communists' military is preparing to enforce this law.

5. Beijing has the most polluted air in the world Studies and satellites photos have proven that Beijing suffers from extremely high nitrogen
dioxide levels, vitally dangerous to the health of the athletes.

6. China is plagued by widespread social, political, and economic unrest A surge in huge land grabs and forced evictions by the Chinese government for reasons of economic expansion and Olympic Games preparations have sparked thousands of protests. The government has murdered hundreds of protesters.

7. The Chinese have been bribing and threatening large numbers of members of the International Olympic Committee A number of U.S. Representatives, for example, Congressman Tom Lantos, have stated this on national television.

8. A boycott has some potential to serve as a strategy to encourage human rights in China Only the greedy and foolish global elite think this is true the other way around.

9. Holding the Olympic Games in Communist China contradicts the Olympic Charter The Olympic Charter defines the philosophy of Olympism as the "respect for universal fundamental ethical principles" and its goal of promoting "a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity."

10. Don't repeat the errors of 1936 when Nazi Germany was allowed to host the Olympic Games The Olympic Games will give Communist China the same propaganda tool Nazi Germany enjoyed. Not since 1936 have the ideals of Olympics been so trampled upon.

Demetrius Klitou is the author of the book The Friends and Foes of Human Rights, available at He holds a BA in International Area Studies and a MA in Diplomatic Studies. He will be pursuing a LL.M. in Public International Law at Leiden University. Published June 28, 2006 by the China Support Network (CSN). Begun as the American response group in 1989, CSN represents Americans who are "on the side" of the students in Tiananmen Square - standing for democratic reform, human rights, and freedom in China.

For dissident news; to support a stronger China policy; or get more information, see

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